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Rapid deployment with a powerful Marketing Toolkit

Our marketing team works with you to deliver a Marketing Toolkit that includes:

  • Educational videos and brochures
  • Pre-screen and screening questionnaires
  • Dedicated Landing Page  and Study websites that together educate, pre-screen and register qualified visitors
  • Rapid deployment.

Thanks to our ample experience in dealing with IRBs, in 2019 100% of our materials for our Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment campaigns were approved on first round reviews.

We will get your Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment campaign off to a great start!

Digital Advertising

Targeted advert campaigns direct potential candidates to turnkey Study Center specific  landing pages. Educational videos and a pre-screening questionnaire help interested and pre-qualified applicants to continue the selection process.

Recruit clinical trial patients faster.

Patient Enrollment Center

Our empathetic Patient Enrollment Counsellors reach out to applicants via phone and our proprietary messaging platform. Each applicant is contacted and screened using an IRB approved script.

Our team diligently track applicants through each stage in the process.

Well-qualified applicants are referred to Study Centers.

Study Center Support

Candidates are referred to Study Centers using a secure cloud based Research Portal.  Research Coordinators use powerful workflow and communication tools to help manage candidates through the enrollment process all the way to consent.

On-site Patient Enrollment Counselors  work closely with research co-ordinators to provide  medical record screening support, ensuring that candidate are processed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. To find out more about our process click here.

Support in retrieving and screening medical records.